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Feminism is increasingly prevalent in the news, media, fashion and conversation, yet there is so much disagreement about what it means to be a feminist that there often arises conflict between people who are, ultimately, fighting for the same cause. With this project, we wanted, therefore, to peel back the layers and remove the assumptions about what feminism should look like.

When coming up with the idea for this publication, we had in mind a platform for the individual expression of different ideas about feminism. We weren’t too concerned with fitting into any conventional publication type, and were hesitant to set strong criteria for our contributors out of fear of losing the individuality of the different voices heard.

We have created a space for thought and conversation around the topic of feminism; including what feminism looks like to people in different countries, inequality from the
viewpoints any gender and the complex intersection of culture and race, sexual and gender orientation, with gender discrimination.

What we have created is ultimately a collection of stories and ideas communicated through commentary, poetry, photography and illustration. Their viewpoints may appear to conflict at times, a reflection of the diversity of different experiences and backgrounds represented here, but what they share is the belief in a future of gender equality, whatever precisely that may look like. We invite the reader to use these stories as a basis to question, critique and reflect upon their own views and assumptions about feminism. In doing so, we hope to elicit new conversations and considerations on how to achieve a future that is fair, equal and inclusive.